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We're looking for the best builders in Web3 to shape the future with us.

The Denarii Labs Tokenomics Accelerator model unites the best teams across Web3 with support, expertise, and guidance from our network of industry-leading mentors, partners, and investors. Curated for the creation robust tokenomics models, the curriculum of our 12-week remote program covers everything Web3 founders need from ideation to post-launch support.

Open Accelerators

Denarii Labs
Tokenomics Accelerator 2

The second rendition of our general track tokenomics accelerator program – starting in June 2024!

Futureverse x Denarii Labs


A dedicated accelerator for builders on the Root Network, leveraging the Futureverse suite of Web3 modular tooling.

Crafted for Visionaries
Forging the Future of Web3

Denarii Labs curates 12 weeks of education, mentoring, and guidance to cover all aspects of token launch preparedness – from ideation to launch.

Tokenomics Design

We dive deep into your business model, crafting the perfect token economy to align your roadmap with stakeholder incentivisation.

Go to Market and Launch

Guide your go to market and launch process with the PR and marketing expertise from our partners.

Whitepaper Creation

We draft your whitepaper alongside you throughout our 12 week program, preparing you for Demo Day.

Legal Considerations

Our legendary legal advisory team at Fenwick ensures your token models are guided by the best in regulatory considerations.

Technical and Development Considerations

Check every box to ensure security, efficiency, and technical stack best-fit for your tokenized startup.

VC and Investment

Backed by Red Beard Ventures, we prepare you for your next raise with insider expertise and our network of powerful investor relationships.

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