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Flow x Denarii Labs

Flow x Denarii Labs is pioneering a tokenomics accelerator empowering the first builders leveraging the Crescendo EVM on Flow upgrade.

Crescendo unlocks mainstream user experience and scale for Solidity developers and the fully EVM ecosystem.


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Offering a comprehensive 12-week remote program, the Flow x Denarii Labs Accelerator guides Flow projects from token concept to launch, with deep expert advisory in tokenomics modeling, legal frameworks, GTM strategy, investment guidance from Red Beard Ventures and their extended network, and more!

  • Application status: OPEN

  • Location: Remote

  • Timeframe: 12 weeks curriculum

  • Start date: August 2024

  • Investment: $100,000

  • Terms: TBD

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Crescendo: Unlocking the Unique Benefits of Flow Blockchain & Cadence for the Global EVM Community

The Crescendo update introduces full EVM compatibility to Flow, enabling developers to utilize familiar Ethereum tools and frameworks effortlessly. With this update, EVM developers can deploy Solidity smart contracts on Flow without any code changes. Then, they can enhance their app experience using Cadence programming language and its unique built-in features for user experience at the protocol level.

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12 curated weeks of education, mentoring, and guidance to cover all aspects of token launch preparedness on Flow –
from ideation to launch.

Tokenomics Design

We dive deep into your business model, crafting the perfect token economy on Celo to align your roadmap with stakeholder incentivisation.

Go to Market and Launch

Guide your go to market and launch process with the PR and marketing expertise from our partners.

Whitepaper Creation

We draft your whitepaper alongside you throughout our 12 week program, preparing you for Demo Day.

Legal Considerations

Our legal advisory ensures your token models are guided by the best in regulatory considerations.

Technical and Development Considerations

Check every box to ensure security, efficiency, and technical stack best-fit for your tokenized startup.

VC and Investment

Backed by Red Beard Ventures, we prepare you for your next raise with insider expertise and our network of powerful investor relationships.

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